Relocation Abroad

If a parent wants to move to another country or go on holiday with their children, whether within the UK or beyond, they must either get consent from the other parent (and any other person with parental rights or responsibilities) or obtain permission from the court via a specific issue order.

The main priority when making a decision about relocation is whether it is in the child’s best interests, and whether the situation maintains his or her relationships with both parents. Relocation, therefore, needs to be planned as carefully, and diplomatically, as possible.

We can advise you on:

  • Your right to relocate with your child.
  • Your right to prevent another parent relocating with your child.
  • How to apply to the court for permission to relocate, if your partner refuses to give consent.

The court will take many things into consideration when making a decision, including:

  • The wishes of the child (depending on age and maturity).
  • The effect of the relocation on the child’s contact with family left behind.
  • The benefits of any potential relationships with family in the new location.

Ultimately, the child’s future welfare will be the most important thing the court takes into consideration.

If you want to relocate, or if you want to stop your former partner relocating with your child, then you should seek legal advice as early as possible.

Family Law

Our specialist family lawyers work collaboratively with our clients to help them find the best possible outcome, reach an early settlement and maintain relationships where possible.

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