Renewable Energy

The Energy & Natural Resources sector is going through a period of great change. With oil price fluctuations, climate change, ongoing market regulations, new technologies and fuel poverty affecting projects, we understand the pressure some of our clients are under. At the same time, renewable energy is growing at an immense rate. The vast expanse of land, plentiful wind, rivers, waves, tide and sunshine available in Scotland and the rest of the UK provides a great opportunity to develop renewables projects. Furthermore, the sector continues to develop ever more innovative technologies and systems to support it.



“Innovative, collaborative, pioneering and approachable, MacRoberts’ Energy & Natural Resources team has in-depth knowledge of both the challenges and opportunities facing clients in this sector – and the practical know-how to meet them.”

Nick Jones, Head of Energy & Natural Resources
    • Renewable Energy Nuisance - when should you worry? When is nuisance actionable? Gillian Craig considers the guidance to be drawn from recent decisions involving harm emanating from neighbouring properties.
    • Renewable Energy Scotland powers ahead: How the circular economy has created investment opportunity within the renewable energy sector It is fast approaching ten years since Scotland’s Zero Waste Plan was published in 2010, a plan that introduced aims of achieving a zero waste Scotland whereby no waste would be cast off to landfills. Waste that typically ends up at landfills cannot be reused, recycled or recovered, making disposal to landfill the least preferred option in the waste hierarchy.
    • Renewable Energy Failing suppliers: How renewable power has been penalised So far this year, 14 electricity suppliers have had the plug pulled by Ofgem, affecting hundreds of thousands of homes and customers. With winter on the way, the expectation is that more will follow suit as temperatures plummet, demand soars and increased costs start to bite.
    • Renewable Energy Optimising onshore wind agreements As we heard last week that the Scottish Government has granted Section 36 consent for ambitious battery storage plans at Whitelee Wind Farm, we consider ways in which onshore wind developers can ensure that agreements with landowners allow for the maximum potential of their projects to be realised.

Renewable Energy

Our lawyers assist clients with onshore wind projects, hydro and solar energy, and biomass, providing advice and insight into insider knowledge and practical know-how.

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