Our Employment Group is the longest established specialist team in Scotland. We are known for using our practical and effective approach to find solutions for our clients.

In an area of law that continually evolves, our team of accredited specialists works to ensure our proactive advice is tailored for our clients’ strategic needs. Our approachable team has an unrivalled reputation for representing clients and has been praised for its “partner-led advocacy” in Employment Tribunals and the Employment Appeal Tribunal.

    • COVID-19 COVID-19 and employment law: What do you need to know? Our Employment team looks at the latest Government guidance on self-isolation, social distancing and emergency legislation around Statutory Sick Pay.
    • COVID-19 COVID-19: New Statutory Sick Pay Regulations to combat coronavirus New Statutory Sick Pay regulations have been brought into force today, amending legislative measures to 'persons deemed incapable of work' who are eligible to receive statutory sick pay.
    • COVID-19 Coronavirus and your employees The UK Government estimates that up to a fifth of the workforce could be off sick at the peak of a coronavirus epidemic. Our short guide explains the key points employers need to know.
    • Employment LGBT Adoption and Fostering Week: What about work? This week (2-8 March 2020) marks LGBT Adoption and Fostering Week. All 'family friendly' employment rights potentially apply to LGBT+ families, so It is worth familiarising yourself with the relevant policies in your workplace.
    • Employment In the firing line: How does employment law look post-Brexit? Given that much of the UK's employment law stems from the EU, employers will be wondering what changes are in store following Brexit. While nothing critical has changed (yet), we look at what will likely happen once the transition period ends on 31 December 2020.

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Our Employment Group is the longest established specialist team in Scotland, and our clients include some of the best known employers across Scotland and the wider UK.

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