As one of the largest and best known construction groups in Scotland, we can provide outstanding breadth and depth of experience to our clients. No other firm in Scotland has such strong connections with all sectors of the Scottish construction industry.

“No matter what the economic climate, all our clients can be assured that they’ll benefit from our deep understanding of the construction sector. With our well-maintained links to the sector and one of the leading specialist teams in Scotland, we have the ability and flexibility to deal with all the legal complexities that the sector continues to present. This is an assurance not all firms can give – but it’s an assurance all clients need today."

Neil Kelly, Head of Construction
    • Construction Construction Newsletter - January 2020 The first edition of MacRoberts' Construction Newsletter looks at the latest developments across the construction industry and how your business may be affected.
    • Construction Landmark decision on severance in Scottish adjudications On 8 November 2019, Lord Doherty issued a landmark adjudication decision in the case of Dickie & Moore Limited v The Trustees of the Lauren McLeish Discretionary Trust - it is the decision we have all been waiting for.
    • Construction Statutory Umbrella: Court rules payment notice provisions are extended in hybrid contract A Contractor attempted to recover a £2.68m sum from a Sub-Contractor on the basis of an invalid payment notice in a hybrid contract.
    • Construction Remember, remember... In LJH Paving Limited v Meeres Civil Engineering Limited, the High Court has reaffirmed the position on several issues in relation to disputed adjudication decisions.


Our experience and expertise in construction extends back many decades and MacRoberts’ lawyers are widely respected both in legal circles and within the construction industry.

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