Family Business

MacRoberts Family Business Unit is a cross-disciplinary unit sitting within the wider MacRoberts Corporate and Private Client Groups.

We recognise that issues and tensions can often arise in family businesses that will not arise in other forms of business. We also recognise that your lawyers must be able to understand, and take account of, the overall objectives of the business family when advising them in relation to the business.

Combining the skills and experience of corporate lawyers with those of our private client lawyers who, on a daily basis, advise the individuals and families that own family businesses, allows us to help you to anticipate, work through and plan for solutions to issues such as:

  • how can you ensure a healthy business relationship while maintaining a healthy family relationship?
  • dealing with family employees who are not suited to, or do not wish to remain involved in, the business
  • succession planning – considering all the options open to you when the existing family members wish, or need, to come away from the business
  • tax planning – ensuring that any decisions being contemplated are carried through in the most tax advantageous manner, avoiding potentially costly pitfalls
  • how should decisions be taken in the business?
  • how can you ensure non-family members feel a part of the team?
  • how should the shareholdings be split among various family members?
  • how should a family member be remunerated?
  • how should family disagreements or divorces be dealt with in the context of the business?
  • how should the business be governed?
  • would the business benefit by having one or more independent non-executive directors?
  • how should the boundaries between management and ownership be drawn?

Family businesses play a hugely important role in the Scottish economy and this is too often overlooked. We are keen to play our part in helping Scotland’s family businesses continue to flourish and raise awareness of the issues they face – and the options available to them.

For further information on what MacRoberts can offer you in relation to succession planning, corporate governance, dealing with and preventing conflicts, funding or any other aspect of your family business, please contact us.


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