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The AML landscape in the Scottish legal sector is evolving and coming into ever more focus, with an increased awareness of the number of ways in which the legitimate services provided by legal firms can be used for an illegitimate purpose. HM Treasury and the National Crime Agency clearly define the legal sector as being at high risk of money laundering and, as such, legal professionals have an important responsibility to uphold the law and make sure they don't unwittingly support criminal activity through financial transactions in their firm.

AMLIFY is MacRoberts' expert anti-money laundering consultancy service which can help your business with AML and CTF compliance, ensure your processes are robust and reduce your vulnerability to financial crime.

Headed by ex-Law Society of Scotland AML specialist Fraser Sinclair, AMLIFY offers masterclasses and tailored training sessions to suit your business and help you ensure compliance with AML laws and regulations and best practice.

Fraser was the Law Society of Scotland's first AML Risk Manager and now designs and delivers the Society's official accredited AML specialist course to solicitors across Scotland each year.

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Training & Workshops

Whether you are looking for AML training for your MLRO only, general AML CPD, or help with something specific, we can tailor training and workshops to suit your needs. For more information on our training courses, please contact us.

Feedback from previous workshop delegates includes:

"A practical ‘spin’ from Fraser, who clearly had valuable knowledge and insight to impart. Hugely useful!"

"Well worth attending, Fraser has a very good knowledge of the topic and communicates very well."

"Extremely practical and worthwhile workshop – plenty of food for thought."

"This online seminar was invaluable as a refresher for Money Laundering Regulation Officers and was worthwhile for the insight into the topic and the information gleaned from it."

"Refreshing approach to a difficult topic."

Consultancy Service

AML compliance can be a daunting task. We know the regulatory framework can sometimes feel unclear and the scope for firms to tailor their own risk-based approach can often leave firms wondering if they are doing the right thing.

Whether you are looking for some reassurance on small points of compliance, or if you would like a full review of your firm-level risk, policies or procedures, we'd love to hear from you.

AML inspections

Are you expecting an AML inspection, or are you perhaps mid-way through one?

AMLIFY is led by our Head of AML, Fraser Sinclair, a formative member of the Law Society of Scotland's AML team, bringing in-depth, specialist knowledge of AML risk and compliance elements for the legal sector and beyond.

Fraser offers consultation advice pre-, during and post-inspection, and can help you prepare for inspections and respond to reports and findings from the Law Society of Scotland.

Key Contact

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