Mock Employment Tribunal

MacRoberts' Employment Law team can deliver a live mock Employment Tribunal event for your organisation. This training will be suitable for HR, in-house legal teams and managers.

This replicates the new experience of litigating online and provides a safe environment to experience what this feels like, get involved and be better prepared for the real thing.

What does a mock Employment Tribunal hearing involve?
  • Full-day or half-day options available
  • Cross-examination of witnesses (you can experience being cross-examined if you wish)
  • Fully realistic pleadings, witness statements and evidence
  • Watch how the hearing plays out with the usual twists and turns that come with litigation
  • Regular breaks for questions, discussion and learning points
  • Observe the closing submissions and vote for your winner
  • No need to wait for the decision: the Employment Judge will deliver this at the end of the mock Employment Tribunal

Further information

For further information or to discuss in more detail, please contact a member of our specialist Employment Law team.

To register your interest in arranging a mock Employment Tribunal for your organisation, please contact us.

  • "Absolutely loved this style of learning, with role play and discussion points throughout. Brilliant!"

    Previous Attendee
  • "Well prepared with a good layout and pace."

    Previous Attendee
  • "Really engaging and participation worked well on the virtual platform. The script editor should be proud."

    Previous Attendee
  • "I am about to give evidence at an Employment Tribunal so this was good preparation."

    Previous Attendee

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