‘The Deal’ Workshop

Has your business been considering acquisition for business growth or have you considered the possibility of selling your business?

If the answer is either of the above questions is yes, you will find answers to many of your questions at our deal-focused interactive workshops.

For most business leaders, mergers and acquisitions are an infrequent occurrence and most will, understandably, find themselves inexperienced of the vast numbers of risks and considerations to take into account. Maximising business value, employee considerations, customer related issues, real estate and intellectual property, warranties and payment mechanisms are just some of the considerations when carrying out a deal. What are the common traps and pitfalls and how do you avoid them? How do you prepare for what could be one of the most important events of your business life?

MacRoberts specialises in commercial deals and our aim is to make business transactions smooth and successful for our clients. We would like to share our deal experience with clients through our highly interactive deal workshops, which are based on a real business deal scenario. Assisted by experienced transactional lawyers, you will play a part as a member of the board of directors of either vendor or purchaser. The fate of the company and the success of the deal will be in your hands!

Over 200 delegates have attended our unique Deal Workshops.

For further information or to book a training session please visit our events page.

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