Bribery Act Compliance Training

The implementation and use of the Bribery Act 2010 shows a new determination of the UK authorities in tackling bribery and corruption both domestically and internationally.

Whilst the Bribery Act 2010 has extensive implications for UK businesses, and international companies with a UK connection, in general anti-bribery legislation is increasing in scope and application worldwide. Businesses at all levels in all territories should take steps to ensure they have robust anti-bribery and corruption procedures in place.

Drawing from our extensive legal experience in this area, we have produced a training session to ensure businesses are up to date and compliant.  We can offer an interactive seminar training session or alternatively we can supply e-learning software which will allow your colleagues to complete their training at a time that suits them.


Interactive Seminar Training Session (3 hours with a maximum capacity of 20)

This is an enjoyable and informative session taking attendees through the background to the Bribery Act, how their organisation and each participant has to comply with the requirements of the Act and how this impacts on the daily operation of their organisation.

The seminar will:

  • Share knowledge with attendees through group led discussions on topical scenarios that they may face in their roles.
  • Allow participants to raise questions individually with the trainers, or to raise issues during the answer session in a non-intimidating setting.
  • Provide a pack of materials which includes their organisation’s Anti-Bribery policy, along with slides, scenarios and other relevant materials.
  • Each attendee will be presented with a certificate of attendance.


E-learning online (approximately 2 hours to be completed individually)

Training is available online and is tailored to each business, the industry and the geographical areas in which they operate. The format is online modules with consolidation of learning through reflective lessons and questions throughout the course. Knowledge is tested at the conclusion of the course, with participants being able to print a completion certificate when they have attained the required passing mark. Participation of the individual and their results are logged and can be used as part of a company’s record and audit process.


For further information or to book a training session please contact:

Valerie Surgenor


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