Financial Matters

Financial matters relating to divorce can become complex and there are many misconceptions.

For example, the reason for divorce doesn’t usually impact on how a court decides to settle the finances. However, throughout proceedings, you can take as given that, if there are children involved, then any decisions made will be with their welfare and best interests as a priority.

Separation or divorce can be an anxious and stressful time for those involved. We can help alleviate this by answering common questions such as:


  •     What maintenance payments should I receive or contribute?
  •     What effect will it have on the settlement if I move out of the family home before  the divorce is finalised?
  •     My spouse is the sole owner of the family home, how will this impact me?
  •     My spouse is the sole earner, how will this impact me during separation and  following divorce?
  •     Will any money I previously inherited be taken into account?
  •     How will the family business be impacted?
  •     What is taken into account in the division of assets and debts?


We can advise on any suggested proposals for settlement and the best way of structuring an agreement to give it binding legal effect. Perhaps there are things that you haven’t yet considered, such as pension provision, inherited wealth or the protection of assets from future relationships? We understand the distress and uncertainty that comes with separation and divorce. We are committed to guiding you through this process to achieve the best possible outcome.

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