Specialist and Sector Specific Advice

Our Data Protection and Cyber Security team has extensive experience assisting clients of varying sizes and group structures from a variety of different sectors.

In particular, our team has built up experience in the following sectors, advising on day-to-day data management as well as specific projects and incidents.

Technology and IT

From the outset of an idea to its implementation, our team can direct you through the legal considerations. We understand the ever changing contracting environment our technology and IT clients are working in and are on hand to advise on risk, liabilities and protections for your business.

Financial Services

Data handled by the financial services sector generally has a significant impact on individuals. Our data protection lawyers are experienced practitioners in the financial services sector with a keen awareness of the risks related to data in this industry, for example understanding data flows and access and processing chains and our clients’ liabilities and responsibilities related to data and security.


Those working in or with the education sector process significant volumes of data. Ongoing access to this data is vital to enable education providers to provide their services and to ensure students get the best out of their learning experience. Innovative and digital resources used for data management raise a host of data considerations, not least security considerations. Our team can assist education providers and/or those working in the education sector to identify the relevant data, ensure it is processed correctly, and ensure it is secure whilst being readily available to those who need it.


In an industry which relies heavily on people and their data, it is vital that your processes and procedures meet the legal requirements. Our team can also assist where something goes wrong with your data management – whether a breach or a faulty supplier or simply an email sent to the wrong database.

Health and life sciences

Often dealing with sensitive information, our clients in this sector require advice on managing innovative technologies as well as day-to-day processing activities and agreements. We can assist with transfers between parties, assessing legal basis and other regulatory actions (e.g. DPIAs) and managing the contractual framework for sharing and using data.


Our team have worked as external legal advisors and in-house with a range of media organisations to develop a keen understanding of this fast-paced, data-driven environment.


The energy sector’s already complex and unique rules have to be considered alongside providers’ data protection obligations. In our experience, an ongoing challenge for the energy sector is the number of parties involved in sharing and accessing data about individual customers – having in place appropriate policy and contractual documentation not only meets our clients’ legal obligations but should also clarify responsibilities between a number of processing parties.


Working in an industry reliant on individuals requires a solid understanding of data protection obligations, and what data can be shared, transferred and accessed. With experience in both private and public sectors, our team of data protection and contract law specialists can advise on lawful handling of data and the contractual frameworks required between different participants in your industry.

Pension schemes and employers

Most businesses have employees and/or contractors to manage, as well as the data generated in doing so. Our team advises on basic procedures and legal requirements as well as providing policies, tailored advice on key areas (e.g. criminal record checks, tracking and drug and alcohol testing) and assisting with requests from employees to exercise their data subject rights (e.g. data subject access requests). We understand that data protection compliance often has to be dealt with while balancing the tensions of people management.

Public Sector

Our team works across the public sector and can advise you on the opportunities and challenges around data which impact our public sector bodies and those working with them, while understanding the nuances of working in this sector.

Charities and third sector

Already working in a regulated and scrutinised sector, charities often have (and need) access to vast quantities of personal data. Do you know what information you can and cannot collect, and with whom you can share it? Do you understand the rules around marketing your services and charity? Our team can shed light on what can be a complex area for not-for-profits.

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