The Scottish Government is due to launch a £10million pilot scheme in order to trial a 4-day working week in office-based jobs without loss of pay, following changes to working life caused by the pandemic. The aim of the pilot scheme is to improve employee wellbeing and increase productivity.

A recent survey showed that 80% of people think they would prefer a shorter working week if their pay was protected.

The new move, which could see employees enjoy a healthier work-life balance, comes after the pandemic demonstrated that businesses were able to adapt to new practices. Iceland and New Zealand already operate a four-day working week – with research from an Auckland university finding productivity (measured per hour) going up by 20%.

No firm date has yet been fixed as to when the pilot scheme will begin.

What could this mean for employers if the pilot scheme proves to be successful?

This could mean that participating employers may be required to vary the terms and conditions of their employees’ contracts of employment.

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