At a recent webinar hosted by the Scottish Business Resilience Centre, they advised that there has been a marked spike in fraudulent activity using the current climate to draw people in. Coronavirus-related frauds are up 400% in March alone. Some examples are:

  • Fake ‘Government’ emails and texts proposing to give you tax rebates or one off payments to help you. These request for you to enter specific details.
  • COVID-19 testing kit scams.
  • Fake charities asking for cash to help the vulnerable.
  • Spike in phishing relating to the Zoom platform due to the popularity of the video conferencing software.

Regardless of the scenario or how the specific scam originates, training and awareness of all staff is paramount to mitigating the cyber and fraud risks that individuals and businesses face.

These top tips are the minimum considerations that should be on all of our minds, all the time: 

Further information on how to keep safe from cyber criminals and fraudsters can be found on the following websites: