Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property covers a very wide range of intangible assets that can be registered or otherwise protected ranging from patents and trade marks to copyright works and databases to trade secrets and reputation. These are very often the key assets of a business.

To protect and then exploit such assets you need to know what they are, how they are created and how to ensure you own or have the right to use and control them.

In this highly competitive business world it is more important than ever to do whatever is possible and commercially viable to protect your ideas, your innovations and your brands.

We can help you identify, protect, manage and commercialise your business-critical intellectual assets.

Our team has extensive experience in advising businesses and other organisations on intellectual property issues relating to such matters as mergers and acquisitions, collaboration and cross-licensing, international brand development and technology transfers.

We have a huge depth of knowledge and experience in managing intellectual property including, amongst other things:

  • the commercialisation of IP
  • the registration of trade marks
  • protection against IP infringements
  • drafting and negotiating contractually binding agreements and licences
  • media communications and agreements (television, publishing, social media and music)
  • e-commerce and internet terms and conditions
  • sponsorship and endorsement
  • IP strategy


Intellectual Property is in general protected on a national or transnational basis; therefore, our close connections with experts in other countries and jurisdictions enable us to assist our clients as they expand their businesses internationally.

We advise a wide variety of clients operating across industry sectors on intellectual property law matters including Kames Capital plc, Glencairn Crystal, Vascutek Ltd, Cycling Scotland, Scottish Canals, Johnstons of Elgin, Scottish Salmon Company.

For further information on the range of IPTC services offered, please click here


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