Renewable Energy

The Energy & Natural Resources sector is going through a period of great change. With oil price fluctuations, climate change, ongoing market regulations, new technologies and fuel poverty affecting projects, we understand the pressure some of our clients are under. At the same time, renewable energy is growing at an immense rate. The vast expanse of land, plentiful wind, rivers, waves, tide and sunshine available in Scotland and the rest of the UK provides a great opportunity to develop renewables projects. Furthermore, the sector continues to develop ever more innovative technologies and systems to support it.



“Innovative, collaborative, pioneering and approachable, MacRoberts’ Energy & Natural Resources team has in-depth knowledge of both the challenges and opportunities facing clients in this sector – and the practical know-how to meet them.”

Nick Jones, Head of Energy & Natural Resources

Renewable Energy

Our lawyers assist clients with onshore wind projects, hydro and solar energy, and biomass, providing advice and insight into insider knowledge and practical know-how.

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