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Volatile commodity prices and exchange rates, competitive pressures on pricing, compliance with health and environment-focused legislation, regulation and standards, supply chain complexities and concerns, the importance of provenance and branding... these are just some of the challenges MacRoberts' expert Food & Drink lawyers can help you overcome.

We provide specialist legal support at every stage of the supply chain, from assisting with supply agreements and supply chain liability to advising on packaging and advertising requirements and obligations. Our lawyers have a comprehensive grasp of the ever changing food & drink environment and understand the increasingly complex supply chains which operators and businesses must navigate. 

Given the varied nature of the sector, and the supply chain and cross-sector complexities industry operators face, we work closely with specialist teams across the firm to provide a fully comprehensive legal service. The legal advice and support we provide therefore reflects the needs of the sector, both within the industry itself and when it inevitably interacts with other industries.

“From field to fork, MacRoberts is engaged with every stage of increasingly complex and dynamic supply chains, whether it be aquaculture, dairy, meat, cereals, bakery, processed foods, alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks (and all of their separate ingredients). In addition, relating to equipment, packaging or the services required in these supply chains, MacRoberts offers expertise and specialist legal services across the food & drink sector.”

Euan Duncan, Head of Food & Drink
    • Food & Drink Exporting Your Goods: Your Personal Checklist Navigating a smooth export journey requires careful planning and execution. At MacRoberts, we work closely with small to medium-sized businesses to reduce the risks associated with the export process.
    • Food & Drink World Porridge Day 2020 and organic oats – is porridge's key ingredient under threat? As we celebrate World Porridge Day on 10 October, we take the opportunity to consider the latest legislation affecting porridge's key ingredient – oats.
    • Food & Drink Celebrating World Vegetarian Day World Vegetarian Day, celebrated annually on 1 October, brings global attention to the health and environmental benefits of vegetarianism and is a great opportunity to kick off a meat-free diet and learn more about the ideology behind vegetarianism and veganism.
    • Food & Drink Zero Waste Week – Don't cry over spoilt beer Industrial beer waste is expected to rise considerably as a result of COVID-19. As we celebrate Zero Waste Week, we focus on steps the brewing industry can take, and have taken, to reduce waste.

Hospitality & Leisure at MacRoberts

We have extensive experience of working with hospitality and leisure businesses throughout the UK, providing a fully comprehensive legal service to a wide range of businesses including hotels, pubs, restaurants, travel and tourism operators and sporting and leisure facilities.

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