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Volatile commodity prices and exchange rates, competitive pressures on pricing, compliance with health and environment-focused legislation, regulation and standards, supply chain complexities and concerns, the importance of provenance and branding... these are just some of the challenges MacRoberts' expert Food & Drink lawyers can help you overcome.

We provide specialist legal support at every stage of the supply chain, from assisting with supply agreements and supply chain liability to advising on packaging and advertising requirements and obligations. Our lawyers have a comprehensive grasp of the ever changing food & drink environment and understand the increasingly complex supply chains which operators and businesses must navigate. 

Given the varied nature of the sector, and the supply chain and cross-sector complexities industry operators face, we work closely with specialist teams across the firm to provide a fully comprehensive legal service. The legal advice and support we provide therefore reflects the needs of the sector, both within the industry itself and when it inevitably interacts with other industries.

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“From field to fork, MacRoberts is engaged with every stage of increasingly complex and dynamic supply chains, whether it be aquaculture, dairy, meat, cereals, bakery, processed foods, alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks (and all of their separate ingredients). In addition, relating to equipment, packaging or the services required in these supply chains, MacRoberts offers expertise and specialist legal services across the food & drink sector.”

Euan Duncan, Head of Food & Drink
    • Transport UK Government response to lorry driver shortages in the UK: Will it solve the problem? It is well known that one of the areas hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit has been transport and the haulage of goods to and from the UK, and the result is that this sector has seen a severe shortage of lorry drivers.
    • Food & Drink Hendrick’s v Hampstead and the territorial scope of interim orders in Scotland Earlier this year, we published a case update regarding the legal proceedings brought by William Grant & Sons, the owners of Hendrick’s Gin, against Lidl for trade mark infringement and passing off in relation to Lidl’s own brand of gin - Hampstead Gin.
    • Food & Drink Commercial leases – going green? Sustainability is rising up the agenda for many in the food and drink sector. In relation to property, businesses are seeking to address their sustainability goals by requiring more energy efficient buildings and the use of green leases.
    • Food & Drink Case update: Has Oatly gone O(a)TT with this recent trade mark infringement action? The Judgement Following our article in June which discussed Oatly’s trade mark infringement action against Cambridgeshire-based Glebe Farm, the final judgement in this no(a)tortious battle was issued by Judge Nicholas Caddick at the end of last week.
    • Food & Drink Tax and seaweed – two years on Two years ago, we discussed the “Plastic Packaging Tax”. Back in April 2019 this had been mooted by the UK Government as a possible means of forcing manufacturers to move toward using recyclable raw materials, with the proposed tax applying to non-reusable packaging like plastic straws, bags and Styrofoam cups.

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We have extensive experience of working with hospitality and leisure businesses throughout the UK, providing a fully comprehensive legal service to a wide range of businesses including hotels, pubs, restaurants, travel and tourism operators and sporting and leisure facilities.

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