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All businesses, whether in the public or private sector, are affected by the same issues, whether it involves corporate finance, tax, intellectual property, debt recovery or dispute resolution issues. Our team of legal experts is here to advise you on your full business journey.

    • Business Services Reducing cyber risk: A quick guide for businesses Cyber risk is one of the biggest risks any firm faces in terms of impact. Our quick guide sets out the background to cyber risk, and how businesses can take action to reduce it.
    • Business Services A Quick Guide to Scottish Debt Recovery Stephen Cowan, Managing Director of Yuill + Kyle, provides information on the Scottish Debt Recovery process.
    • Business Services Defamation, social media and the right to insult Julie Hamilton considers the current Defamation Bill and the principal respects in which it would change the law, especially in relation to social media.
    • Business Services The Employee and the Whale Lord Summers' recent judgement in the case of Peebles Media Group Ltd v Patricia Kelly has no happy ending, describing as it does a situation that is increasingly common in the UK - 'whaling fraud'.
    • Business Services Spotlight on Mediation Julie Hamilton considers the role of mediation in commercial litigation and whether the flexibility it offers may be the route to avoiding, or at least limiting, the disputes that get to court.

123 Corporate Deals

Over the past year, our Corporate Finance team has been involved in over 123 corporate deals, as the deals market in Scotland continues to thrive.

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