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All businesses, whether in the public or private sector, are affected by the same issues, whether it involves corporate finance, tax, intellectual property, debt recovery or dispute resolution issues. Our team of legal experts is here to advise you on your full business journey.

    • COVID-19 Impact of the Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill on litigation in Scotland In an interview with LexisNexis, Julie Hamilton considers the implications of the Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill that was introduced on 31 March 2020.
    • COVID-19 COVID-19: What can your business do to boost its immune system? Aside from the obvious impact on public health, COVID-19's impact on the global economy and supply chains is massive. Here, we look at the impact of coronavirus on the UK's food and drink sector.
    • Employment Supreme Court delivers some good news for employers The UK Supreme Court issued two decisions on vicarious liability on 1 April which will be a relief in these difficult days to employers and business owners. The cases considered the circumstances where an employer will be vicariously liable, ie legally and financially responsible, for the acts of another person, usually their employee.
    • COVID-19 COVID-19 and Distance Direct Marketing: Adapting to social distancing customers With the introduction of social distancing and self-isolation, the ability to use and rely on distance marketing and selling methods is essential for all business. To make sure your business is doing this in accordance with the law, we have outlined a refresher of the current rules of direct marketing, and the changes that appear to be on the way.
    • COVID-19 COVID-19: Impact on Scottish Courts and Tribunals Across the UK, the justice system has been designated as an essential service which is to continue (where possible) its business. In Scotland, both civil and criminal courts remain open, though their capacity and workload have been heavily curtailed.

123 Corporate Deals

Over the past year, our Corporate Finance team has been involved in over 123 corporate deals, as the deals market in Scotland continues to thrive.

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