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All businesses, whether in the public or private sector, are affected by the same issues, whether it involves corporate finance, tax, intellectual property, debt recovery or dispute resolution issues. We have a team of experts to advise you on your full business journey.

    • Business Services Spotlight on Mediation Julie Hamilton considers the role of mediation in commercial litigation and whether the flexibility it offers may be the route to avoiding, or at least limiting, the disputes that get to court.
    • Transport Failure to disclose leads to stormy seas In the recent case of Ardmair Bay Holdings Ltd v Craig, the Court of Session considered the issues of failure to disclose, misrepresentation and breaches of warranty.
    • Business Services David and Goliath: Slaying the might of Unilever A decision issued by the Supreme Court last week represents a milestone for employee inventors as the Court considered, for the first time, an application for compensation under section 40 of the Patents Act 1977.
    • Business Services Slavery continues in the UK: Is the Modern Slavery Act 2015 fit for purpose? We look at the UK's largest modern slavery action, the effectiveness of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and proposed changes to the legislation.

123 Corporate Deals

Over the past year, our Corporate Finance team has been involved in over 123 corporate deals, as the deals market in Scotland continues to thrive.

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