Over three years have passed since the UK voted to leave the European Union, sending the country down a path of disentanglement from our membership of the EU. 



    • Brexit MPs and Lords fail to stop prorogation of Parliament On 3 September 2019, the Lord Ordinary (Lord Doherty) heard a petition for judicial review in which the petitioners sought a declarator that it was ultra vires and unconstitutional for the Prime Minister, or any Minister for that matter, to provide advice to the Queen to prorogue Parliament in order to deny Parliament the opportunity to properly consider the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union before 31 October 2019.
    • Brexit The Impact of Brexit on Family Law – we’ll get by ( we hope) with a little help from our friends… It could be said that in family law matters, we have all become a little complacent when it comes to considering whether or not European Regulations apply to the member state we are dealing with. We have become dependent upon Brussells II when it comes to jurisdiction. This will all change if we leave the EU with no deal.
    • Food & Drink No deal, no dinner - food industry asks for competition law waiver in anticipation of no-deal Brexit The UK food industry has announced that it will seek permission to bypass some aspects of competition law in the event of a no-deal Brexit.
    • Brexit Competition Law - will Brexit impact on the regulation of markets? Brexit – the most feared word in the English language of 2019! With not long to go until we leave the European Union (unless there is an extension until 30 June as has been discussed/debated over the last few years!) and we are now all gearing up for the potential of a no-deal Brexit (which is becoming more likely by the hour). So, if we are leaving the EU with no-deal from the EU, what will come of competition law?

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