Two million people in the UK are employed in the healthcare sector. 70% of them are employed by the NHS, 20% in private healthcare and the remainder in other public organisations or the voluntary sector.

The UK currently has the highest percentage of healthcare expenditure derived from the public sector. In 2013, £150.6 billion was spent on healthcare in the UK – £125 billion of that was from the public sector.

The current challenges and new opportunities facing the healthcare sector in the UK are greater than ever before. With an ageing population there has been an increase in patients with multiple conditions. Changes in lifestyle factors – including obesity, drinking and smoking – have also led to changes in NHS funding and private provision. As research and development continues and medical treatments advance, better, but more costly treatments are being developed.

With these specific challenges facing the industry, our expert team can advise on:

  • Corporate acquisitions, sales and business re-structuring
  • Banking and finance transactions
  • Science and technology developments
  • Employment law
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Planning and procurement issues
  • Commercial contracting
  • Commercial real estate
  • Intellectual property and data protection

We have clients in all areas of this sector. On the NHS side, we have long-standing relationships in acting for some of the largest health boards in Scotland, including nearly 20 years working with NHS Lothian. We have advised on many new hospital projects under PFI,PPP,NPD and hub schemes, acting on a UK-wide basis. Beyond that, we help clients ranging from international pharmaceutical companies to independent care home operators, pharmacists and life science technology businesses, as well as all of the main banks as funders to such entities.


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