Happy family, Happy business

Not only will we help support your family business, we have a full-service team ready to help you with any of your personal legal requirements.


We can help you plan and prepare for what is to come. Wills, pensions, powers of attorney, guardianships – our Private Client team can put your mind at ease to let you focus on your business and family.


There don’t need to be any. If you are going through a difficult separation, perhaps involving children, we can advise on all aspects of Alternative Dispute Resolution including mediation, collaboration and arbitration.


No matter how complex financial matters may seem, we can help you protect your wealth or secure your fair share. Deciding and agreeing child arrangements in a way that safeguards relationships and preserves harmony for the family can be especially challenging when a relationship breaks down. Our team specialises in making this easier for you.


Birthrights and heirlooms are common in family businesses which have been operating for generations. We can help you protect what you are entitled to and work with you to resolve any disputes.


While we make every effort to avoid resolving issues through the courts, if court action is unavoidable, our effective and experienced family law litigators fight tirelessly on our clients’ behalf throughout the entire process.


Everything we do is focused on and tailored to your unique circumstances. We can provide a customised solution and package which ensures all aspects of your family business are protected.


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