Growing & Protecting Your Family Business

If you are part of a family business, you will know better than most that it comes with its own unique set of challenges. No two businesses or families are the same; which is why you need legal advisers who are sensitive to your requirements and have the specific skillset to help you maintain healthy business and family relationships. You need advisers you know will help your business grow as it’s passed from generation to generation.

As a law firm that was founded by the MacRoberts family in 1861, and ranked as Business Insider’s top-performing SME, we believe we have the empathy, understanding and legal expertise to help your family business flourish. Here’s how:

We can help you:

  • Create healthy business relationships (which means healthy family relationships too)
  • Manage family members who are not suited to/do not want to be in the business
  • Evaluate all options when family members want to leave the business
  • Make sure business decisions are made in the most tax advantageous way
  • Establish the correct boundaries between management and ownership
  • Split shareholdings fairly amongst family members
  • Decide how family members should be remunerated
  • Make the right choices when family disagreements or divorces threaten your business
  • Put procedures in place so non-family members feel part of the team
  • Decide whether your business would benefit from independent non-executive directors

Take advantage of our health check

Our dedicated family business team offers all our clients a “health check” where we will spend time with you and your management team to look at all aspects of your business in order to identify potential issues, risks and challenges before they arise, and to highlight how any current difficulties could be dealt with effectively. Click here to download our brochure or send us a quick message with your details.


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Partner Marika Franceschi has written an article on the importance of protecting family businesses from the impact of divorce.

Partner Michael Kelly wrote a series of articles for leading Scottish newspaper, The Scotsman, in relation to the development of his family business and the corporate arrangements that have been crucial to that growth:

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