Contributing nearly £5 billion per year to Scotland’s economy, the creative and media industry in Scotland has a reputation for excellence and expertise and is a serious player in the digital environment.

The internationally acclaimed music and art festivals, the ongoing international development and commercialisation of Scottish musical talent, the creative writing talent with a worldwide audience, the cutting edge world of global games development, the wealth of artists across all disciplines, a growing and attractive film production industry and the reputation of Scottish educational institutions for the creative and media industries attracting students from every corner of the world are just some of the reasons why the Scottish creative and media sector is growing rapidly both at home and abroad faster than ever before.

MacRoberts is aware and focused on the key drivers which will support the growth of the creative and media sectors in Scotland which include, amongst other things, a need for further and continued investment and business support, the ongoing creation and capture of digital works, and the fostering of commercial competition nationally and internationally, as well as the continued learning and delivery of creative skills through education.

At MacRoberts, we have deep industry knowledge and experience in the protection and commercialisation of intellectual property, “partnering” and other collaboration arrangements, investments in the arts, media and the creative industries and the sale, purchase and licensing of creative and media companies and their rights.

With specific challenges facing those in the industry we can offer our clients guidance in, amongst a range of other creative and media specific legal issues:

  • commercial contracts
  • intellectual property protection
  • creative collaboration arrangements
  • shared revenue model arrangements
  • media production agreements
  • intellectual property transfers
  • the licensing and cross licensing of creative rights
  • advice with regard to the commercialisation of intellectual property rights such as copyright, trade marks, patents, design and database rights
  • regulatory compliance
  • brand protection
  • marketing, advertising and promotion advice

The businesses and organisations with whom we work across the creative and media sector are diverse and include gaming companies, media agencies, individual artists, educational institutions, digital agencies, arts charities, media software businesses, film and tv production companies, textiles and clothing designers, event management and experiential marketing companies and advertising agencies, both big and small and all sizes in between.


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