Equality & Diversity

A comprehensive Equal Opportunity Policy is an essential tool for every organisation. In this, the organisation sets out its commitment to supporting diversity and acknowledging equal opportunity within the organisation.

The Equal Opportunity Policy should cover such areas as sex, race, disability, sexual orientation and religious discrimination. It should also set out the organisation’s approach in relation to age discrimination. 

However, a statement of policy is not enough. All of those who are responsible for managing the employment relationship within the organisation require to understand and to implement and police the policy.

In essence, those in managerial positions should demonstrate the organisation’s commitment to supporting diversity.

Leadership in this, as in most things, must come from the top. Management buy-in to the ideas and concepts behind equal opportunities is fundamental.

The best way to achieve this is to ensure that all of those who are responsible for managing the employment relationship, fully understand the concepts of equality and diversity.

What better way to achieve this than by educating managers in an interactive and entertaining way and, more importantly, a way which is relevant to their role within the organisation.

MacRoberts offer such a service with equality and diversity training delivered by specialist employment lawyers who have themselves considerable experience in dealing with equality issues both before Employment Tribunal and as strategic advisers to organisations.

Training methods in this area include role play, case studies and mock hearings (such as mock Employment Tribunals and disciplinary and investigatory hearings).

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