Corporate Social Responsibility

At MacRoberts, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a part of our every day. It includes our approach to developing and maintaining credible and long term relationships with employees and clients, being socially responsible in our surrounding areas and beyond, and being environmentally friendly. We see the purpose of CSR as two-fold: firstly, to help us give something back to the community in which we work; and secondly, to foster a team spirit within the firm, bonding people together and making us closer as work colleagues, generating a pride in who we are and how we work, which translates to a better service to our clients. The community aspects of our approach to CSR are not driven by an agenda set by partners, but rather allowed to grow organically, enabling all partners and staff within the firm to consider the objectives that they would like the firm to achieve.

Please note that our CSR application process will re-open again in Autumn 2022 although this may be subject to change as a result of restrictions and other factors surrounding coronavirus.

We have a number of partnerships which you can find out more about below.



MacRoberts raises £3,500 for charity partners
  • Action for Children help disadvantaged children in Scotland, from before they are born until they are late twenties, through practical services and programmes that are proven to work. One such programme is a homelessness project called New Horizons. This programme offers a welcoming and safe environment for young people who are in the process of leaving care or have experienced homelessness for a variety of different reasons.

    Over the past year MacRoberts have provided the following support to them:

    • A group of partners donated Christmas gifts to the young residents.
    • Our charitable vehicle GSM! donated money to allow the residents to replace damaged bedroom and living room furniture.
    • We supported the Clickety Chicks event which raised over £35,000 for Action for Children and also donated 24 home starter packs for young people at New Horizons. The starter packs consisted of a trolley case with crockery, cutlery, a kettle, slippers and a dressing gown, bed linen and towels.
    • GSM! donated money to help buy additional food for their Christmas dinner so that those without family to visit on Christmas Day could have a special day together with all the usual trimmings – something the core budget just wouldn’t allow.
    Where does the money go?

    One of our partners, Marika Franceschi, visited New Horizons and spoke with a resident. The resident (N) is 18 and has been in and out of care her whole life after a very traumatic early childhood. She told Marika that she only managed to get her “head sorted” once she became a resident at New Horizons. They provided counselling and mental health support, helped her learn to cook and clean, budget so she can manage her own finances, prepare a CV and application for college etc. Perhaps most importantly, they provided her with a home.
    N said she was overwhelmed that people in an office in Edinburgh, who didn’t know her or the others, had cared enough to try and make their Christmas special. She said the furniture made such a difference to them all and they immediately became more house proud and homely.

    The starter packs made them feel cared for, proud and gave them more confidence to move on to the next stage in their lives – independent living which, for a young person who has experienced homelessness, is a daunting and scary prospect. They used to arrive with some clothes in a black bin bag and none of the usual life essentials we take for granted. New Horizons also provide outreach support to aid the transition to independent living.

    N is now studying social sciences at college and plans to become a social worker or carer at a similar project to New Horizons so she can give back and reassure people like her that they do not need to be defined by their past.

Charities & Third Sector

As a leading adviser to charities, the third sector and social enterprise in Scotland, MacRoberts has a deep understanding of the issues and challenges facing the sector.

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